New Patient Information

New Patient Information 

We are always accepting new patients and all major insurance plans at our Rochester pediatrics office.

Open Houses

  • We invite all new patients to attend one of our open houses to meet with some of our available staff and to visit our pediatrics office. During this tour, we will give an overview of how our office works and provide an opportunity to see our facilities. We will discuss different types of visits and what can be expected with each type. We will also discuss the procedures and treatments we perform in the office. 

Please call our office for upcoming open house dates. All of our open houses begin at 5:30 p.m.

Transferring to Our Practice

To become a patient at our practice:
  1. Print the transfer form.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Send a copy to both your current pediatrician’s office and to us.
  4. Fax the completed form to (585) 225-2626 or mail it to:  
English Road Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
1800 English Road, Suite 10, Rochester, New York 14616

Please refer to our forms for information we would like you to bring to your appointment.

Expecting Mothers

Appointments for prenatal visits should be made between five and seven months of pregnancy. During the prenatal visit, the pediatrician will go over the family and pregnancy history. They will discuss what to expect at the hospital and for the baby during delivery. The pediatrician will go over safety issues regarding car seat installation and safety, crib safety and safe sleeping. They will discuss well visits for the baby, as well as immunizations the baby will receive. There will also be a time for any questions regarding newborns by the parent(s).

Appointments are also recommended for adoptive parents. The pediatrician will cover similar issues as mentioned above, as well as what the parent(s) can expect and any history. Please refer to our forms for information we would like you to bring to your visit. Expectant parents also have the opportunity to visit our office during one of our open houses

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